Arc en ciel Aviation is an airline company based in Dakar, Senegal. It has been created in 1996 by its actual CEO named Michel Jacquot, following a long experience in the business aviation sector. He is a professional pilot and is managing the company with a great expertise and a huge passion.

Arc en Ciel Aviation has always improved its quality of service and aim to respect the highest international standards to satisfy its customers.

Our airline company has a 6 planes fleet able to fly over Africa until the European continent. Thanks to its great know-how, the team is proud to offer a panel of solutions as: 




Experience years

Planes ready to take off

Cumulated flight hours

     22 people compose the Arc en ciel Aviation team among 4 departments: the direction, pilots, the maintenance and the quality/security service. This organisation allows us to get the highest international standards of the civil aviation only to offer our customers the best quality of service. Our numerous years of experience witness of our passion for aviation and we are proud to bring you a real expertise for air transportation from west Africa until Europe.


Our maintenance workshop allows us to take care of our planes according the constructors recommendations. Our priorities are the security and availability in order to always answer to a demand, even in emergency situations.

We have a maintenance agreement sn.145.002 that respect the highest international standards.

Arc en ciel Aviation, it is also 365 square meters of offices that allow our pilots, operations, navigability service, security service and the quality one to work in harmony.